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20th February 2019 - The water in all three lakes is exceptionally crystal clear at the moment providing good conditions. A lovely 6lb Rainbow was returned to Frog Hall lake yesterday.  Very mild temperatures this month after the frost and ice in January.  We currently have on site a Barn owl, Tawny Owl, 2 pairs of swans, 4 Brent Geese, and our Jacob sheep are grazing around the reservoir. The new fourth lake is about 2 thirds full but is not yet stocked.  This years Charity Match is set for Saturday 27th April.  If you wish to compete please let us know as soon as possible as this is a very popular event and spaces are limited.  

31st October 2018 - Sorry for the long delay.  My fingers don't work as well as they should these days.  Yesterday it rained for the first time since the spring. We dug a new fourth lake next to the reed bed but it will

need heavy rain to fill it before we can stock it with fish.  All three existing lakes were restocked last week. The long hot summer made fishing difficult with lethargic fish preferring to remain in deep water.  The recent cooler temperatures have activated them and fishing from now on should be good.  The next Police match has been set for Thursday 6th December to be organised by David Dyball.

CHARITY MATCH in aid of East Anglian Childrens Hospice - 21st APRIL 2018.  This years match raised £2,195 and was well attended and much enjoyed by all who attended.  Many thanks to all who contributed and special thanks to Steve Lambert and Steve Coote for all their help and expertise.

29th January 2018 - All three lakes are now brim full and crystal clear and the new forth lake beside the reed bed is almost half full.  We hope to have it full before the summer.  Ground conditions are very wet at present so bring your wellies.  Our two swans have remained with us and at present our sheep are in the fodder beet field behind the car park so beware of the electric fencing.  We now have a little blue sailing dingy on site for Jack's sons to mess around in when nobody is fishing.  John Vincent recorded releasing the first blue trout ever hooked here.  Keep an eye out for that one!  The following big fish estimated between 7lb to 10lbs in weight were also recorded by -  Mike Shaw, Roger and Simon Rackham, Jonothan Franklin, Matt Nicholson, Steven Cordory, Kim Mann, Steve Lambert, Ivan Leggett, Andy Wright, Mary Taylor and Nick Thompson.  Ivan Leggett organised the winter Police match which was well attended with plenty of catches recorded.  We hear rumours of his retirement from the job, so lets all wish him tight lines for his leasure fishing in future.  This years Charity Match has been set for Saturday 21st April and once again we will be fund raising for East Anglian Childrens Hospices.  Entry list is open so if you wish for a place please contact Sheila, or Steve Lambert or Steve Coote who will be the organisers.  

26th November 2017 - Last night whilst walking back to the car park from the reservoir, Sheila was overtaken by two very fast moving chinese water deer galloping through the wild flowers in the big field.  The flowers are undersown with a turnip crop intended as winter forage for our sheep.  Deer footprints have been noticed around the reed bed for a while now, so let us hope these lovely shy creatures stay with us and like the habitat we have provided.  At last we have completed Frog Hall Lake maintenance work.  It is now brim full of pristine water and the decking is surrounded by clean sand.  Jack has been at work with his tractor driven mower around all three lakes which will promote fresh new plant growth around the margins in the Spring.  The following entries were recorded in the book this month -  Brown Trout returns -  Danny Drain and Glen Drake 9lbs,  Doug Bone and Steve Coote 7lbs,  Ron Clarke 6lbs.  Rainbow returns - Richard Parnell 10lb and 8lb, Steve Lambert 9lb. And in a class of his own, Ivan Leggett returned a 14lb Mirror Carp to Old Hall Lake!  The next Police match is set for Tuesday 9th January.  

21st October 2017 - Rain at last!  We restocked Frog Hall and Old Hall lakes yesterday.  We had to temporarily close the reservoir due to low oxygen levels in the crystal clear water.  We installed a large tractor driven circulation pump temprarily which seams to have worked well. No fish have been lost but signs of stress were apparent in a few fish.   We reopened it today following a wet windy night.  Numerous big fish have been returned again this month.  Simon Rackham used small dry flies to return 7lb, 10lb and 12lb fish.  Alan Wells returned 3 Brownies  estimated at 6lb, 7lb and 8lb each.  And Jack Rosentall had a good run of 4 Brownies at 2lb, 5lbs 9lb and 10lb each.  The date of next years charity match has been set for Saturday 21st April 2018.

30th September 2017 - The water level in Frog Hall lake is very low providing only very limited opportunities to fish.  Old Hall Lake and the Resevoir are full and throughout this month have been producing many good stock and large specimen fish.  Many of our regulars have returned multiple Rainbows and Browns in superb condition.  Steve Lambert recorded 2 x 9lb Browns, (or did he catch the same one twice?), and a Rainbow at 7lbs.  Glen Drake returned 8lb and 5lb fish, Brett Coleman 2 x Brownies 8lb and 6lb, Ron Clarke had 3 Rainbows of 7lbs, 5lbs and 3lbs, John Vincent returned another at 8lbs, Steve Mahoney two more at 7lb and 6lb and Phillip King another two at 5lb each.  All weights are estimated and all fish returned without taking them out of water where possible. We have recently dug a new reed bed which hasn't yet been rained on and is still bone dry.  We need a good wet winter. Autumn cultivations are in progress on the farm keeping Jack busy.  Sheila is now recovered and back to work.  

15th September 2017 - Message from Sheila - My absence from the lakes in recent weeks was due to Pnemonia from which I am now recovering after a spell in hospital.  Thank you all for your good wishes and messages of support.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon when normal service will be resumed.

2nd July 2017 -  The long hot spell of weather resulted in lethargic fish unwilling to rise in the mid day period.  Early mornings and late evenings were the best time to fish.  We restocked all three lakes on 15th June, after which catch rates improved.  Chris Taylor recorded two Brownes at 6lbs and 8lbs, and Mick Webb a Rainbow at 6lbs.  Mary on the other hand hooked a duck!  We have been irrigating our crops receently, and still have not had much rainfall despite forcasts of heavy downfalls.  Frog Hall lake is now at a very low level.  We were sorry to hear that David Graham has passed away after his recent illness.  David has fished with us ever since we opened and will be sadly missed by many who knew him.  

30 May 2017 - The surface layer of water is now warm enough to make the fish reluctant to rise during the heat of the day.  Early mornings and late evenings are the best time to fish.  The following catches have recently been recorded in the book. Stephen Cordory a 10lb Brown, Richard Parnell 8lb Brown,  with Steve Coote and Keiron McCarthy both recording 8lb Rainbows, and a 5lb returned by Derek Elliston.  Water voles have been observed in the margins of Old Hall Lake despite the disruption of their habitat during our winter excavations.  A Barn owl has also been seen in recent weeks although not as regularly as we would like.  Our resident swans have nested in Jack's lake and have hatched 3 signets.  There is a territorial despute between the swans and geese. We witnessed the swan cob persistently attacking a young Barnacle gosling much to the distress of its parents  -  Grabbing it by the neck and holding it down underwater whilst trying to strike it with its feet underwater.  We have several nesting Barnacles so hopefully some will survive.  Our sheep were shawn yesterday and moved to pastures new.

11th May 2017 -  The long cold dry spring relented today at last and our anglers enjoyed warmer conditions today.  Old Hall lake is crystal clear and is now fully stocked with large numbers of big Rainbows and Browns, some of them very big indeed.  Frog Hall lake is at a low level at present to facilitate the netting process which is now complete.  We will be replenishing it shortly after we have completed the installation of a sandy beach area around th decking.  The reservoir water is clear and the trees in the backgroud provided shelter for anglers struggling to cope with the fresh northerly winds we have been experiencing.  The following have recently recorded big fish returns in the book..  10lb Brownies from John Vincent and Steve Lambert.  9lb for Ken Hall, 8lb Rainbow for Jamie Austin and 8lb brown for Preston Childerhouse.  David Staff returned a 7lb Brown and 6lb Rainbow on the same day, and David Hurst another 5lb Rainbow. 

22nd April 2017 -  23 rods competed in our charity match which raised £2,056 for the East Anglian Childrens Hospice charity.  Julian Harvey again took the trophy for catching the first brownie of the day.  The  Sue Elliston memorial Trophy was was very appropriately won by her Son.   The raffle once more was well supported with many prizes donated.  Many thanks to Steve Lambert and Steve Coote for their many hours of organising and stewardship to make the event successful and fun for all.  Thanks also to Kerriges cars who generously sponsered the event once again.  

17th April - A busy month so far, with many big fish being returned.  The stock pond near the farmhouse has now been refilled.  Pumping water uphill was not easy and took all the electricity power available at the log cabin. We had to hide up the kettle to avoid the trip switch from being triggered.  Sadly we lost two of our biggest brownies from Frog Hall Lake.   As the water temperature is rising, please try to release them whilst still in the water if possible.  Taking photoes of big browniess is certain death on warm sunny days, so please release them as soon as the hook is removed, so that others can enjoy them.  We shall be restocking all three lakes this week in time for Saturdays charity match.

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       Emptying Old Hall Lake February 2017                                      Dredging March 2017                                     Old Hall Lake finished April 2017

24th March - Work is now completed and Old Hall Lake is full to the brim.  Water clarity is rapidly improving and you can now see down to the bottom in most places.  There are green shoots appearing in the margins and the first signs of water cress beginning to grow.  The sheep and lambs have moved to pastures new. At present we are pumping water from Frog Hall Lake uphill to the small pond at the top of the drive, next to the farmhouse.  We dredged the mud from it while the contractor was still here with his machinery.  It will be used as a stock pond once it has been filled and re-established.  Fishing in Frog Hall Lake has been impressive, with the following big fish being returned.  Estimated weights between 10lb to 12 lb - Mark Williamson, Mary Taylor, Doug Bone and Steve Lambert.  Weights estimated between 6lb to 8lbs recorded by Mike Bloomfield, Doug Greaves, Mick Tooke, Dennis Cooper and David Bishop.  The resevoir is still fishing well and is home to some barnacle geese most days.  The swans are still with us sporadically changing lakes when they feel like it.  

7th March 2017 - Already Old Hall Lake is more than half full with clear water stretching the entire length.  We have 10 drains flooding water in from surrouding fields, ditches, ponds, reed bed and Frog Hall Lake.  We plan to restock and open Old Hall lake for fishing on charity match day 22nd April, if all goes well.  Problems might include a green algae bloom, which will be good for the lake, but potentialy problematic for the match.  If we can use the lake instead of the resevoir, we can include more rods and names on the reserve list.  The site is extremely wet at the moment, but there are new green shoots beginning to appear.  Our Jacob sheep are lambing at the lakeside. Frog Hall Lake has been returning many super size fish for those intrepid anglers who came whilst work was in progress. To many to mention...

4th March - The  dredgeing work took three times longer than anticipated, but is now completed and we are open for fishing once more.  We also drained and dredged the small stock pond at the top of the track beside our holiday house. This had become overwhelmed by lily pads.  We are now refilling them with water, and Old Hall Lake is already filling rapidly from land drains, syphons and pumps from Frog Hall, the reed bed and nearby drainage ditches. We need lots of rain to speed the process up.  We are in the middle of lambing and we have fenced in some Jacob sheep and lambs beside Old Hall lake so we could keep an eye on them.  We have a consignment of last years lamb in our freezers and these are for sale at £65 for half a lamb and £130 for a whole lamb.  Already packed, labelled.  They are selling fast, so if you would like one, ring Sheila on 07500703389.

22nd February -  All the Tench have now been sold to fisheries in Wales, the Midlands and Kent.  Today the contractors arrived to dredge the mud out of the empty lake.  This is expected to take 2 or 3 days during which we would ask you to fish the reservoir only for safety reasons untill the work is finished.  There is about four feet of liquid mud in the deepest part of the lake.  When removed, not only will you have extra depth, but the water clarity should be crystal clear when it is refilled.  

31st January - All three lakes have been iced up for 2 weeks.  Despite this we have successfully drained Old Hall lake and today we began removing the Tench.  We also restocked the Resevoir and Frog Hall lake with Rainbows today.  We shall again be recovering Tench tomorrow, and will begin refilling Old Hall lake after dredging out excess mud. Please note that although the reed bed is now level full, there are no fish in it.  We are using it as a temporary resevoir and will drain the water back into Old Hall lake as soon as we have completed the Tench destocking.

13th January 2017 -  We are in the process of lowering the water level in Old Hall Lake for the purpose of removing all the Tench, which we will be selling on.  The large Rainbows and Brown Trout have already been caught and relocated in Frog Hall Lake and the Resevoir, both of which will remain open as usual.  Fishing has been variable with a number of people experiencing flat calm sunny conditions when the fish were not showing any interest.  How ever,  multiple large fish have been caught in abundance on good days.  Phillip Cockburn had a good run, returning 4 Rainbows estimated from 10lbs down to 6lbs, and 2 browns at 5lb and 7lbs.  Terry Stamp returned a lovely 8lb Rainbow, Tony Goldson recorded another at 6lbs, as also did our lady Mary.  Steve Lambert was in fine form with 2 Brownies at 10 & 11lbs in the book from Frog Hall.  And then there was Graham Jolly who suprised himself with a lovely 5lb Tench.  News of this years charity match will follow shortly.  

15th December - 9 Rods competed in the Police match, on a calm day with little or no ripple.  Richard Crabtree caught 6 rainbows and Ivan Leggett had 5 one of which was 6lbs.  This months biggest fish was recorded by Charlie Ratchford for a 9lb Brown, Graham Jolly had another at 5lbs.  Brownies in the 4lb weight range were released by Denis Hawes, Alan Wells, Steve Bacon, Trevor Palmer and Roger Rackham.  4lb Rainbows were returned by Derek Elliston and Jeremy Slee.  The price of a dayticket next year will remain unchanged at £25 Season Tickets for 12 day visits will be £200, which works out at £16.66 per day.  25 day visit tickets will be £400 which works out at £16 per visit.  Full details on our terms page.  Merry Christmas everyone and tight lines next year.

 22nd November - Restocked again this week.  Congratulations to Steve Hunter for successfully releasing a 10lb Rainbow, and also to Peter Stearne for his 7lb Brown.  The next Police match is booked for Wednesday 14 December and they will be fishing both Frog Hall and Old Hall Lakes.  The reservoir will be available for non match anglers that day.

12th November - Superb fishing for the past 3 weeks, mainly fair weather enjoyed by many, until today.  There have been numerous brownies released, the biggest estimated was recorded by Ray Parry at 8lbs.  Brownies in the 6lb to 7lb weight range were recorded by Steve Lambert, (2 on the same day) Danny Drain, and Dave Pyrie.  And in the 4lb to 5lb weight range, - Mike Shaw, Keiron McCarthy, Denis Hawes andTerry Baker, who returned 4 in 1 day, as also did Barry McGrath. The bigget Rainbow returned this month was estimated at 5lbs.  Well done everyone.  

18th October - Another restock today in all three lakes.  Old Hall Lake is clearing now and visibility is much improved as water temperature drops.  David Marcoweicz returned a 7lb Rainbow at the beginning of the month. Paul (birdie) Smith saw an Osprey circling overhead which made his day.  We have a new barn owl spotted by Sheila this week.  Our pair of swans look like staying over winter and divide their time between our three lakes.  The returns book is looking much better with most people recording their bag limits.  

30th September - We restocked on the 23rd.  The water is graduaally cooling down and the fish are beginning to show interest, although a number of anglers report their lines being knocked cautiously rather than hit hard.   Exceptions were Ivan Leggett and his companion Kelvin who caught Rainbows at 8lbs and 6lbs respectivly.  Both fish returned safely to Frog Hall Lake.  The reservoir is open once more.  We welcome a number of newcomers to the lakes. 

18th September - Cooling rain at last!  Our restock is now planned for Friday 23rd Sept.

18th September - Cooling rain at last!  Our restock is now planned for Friday 23rd Sept.

15th September - Sorry to say we have had to cancel tomorrows proposed restock due to the continuing heatwave.  We will keep you posted.

7th Sept - It has been a long hot summer and the fishing has not been good.  We have many blanks recorded in the book, but anglers tell us they enjoyed the peace and quiet anyway. The reservoir has been closed throughout August due to oxygen shortage causing distressed fish.  We hope to open it again soon, but at time of  writing the heat wave continues.  We hope to restock Frog and Old Hall Lakes on Friday 16th September provided the surface water has cooled by then. A number of Tench have been caught with David Staff catching 6 in one afternoon using black buzzers.  An 18lb Carp was caught by Preston Childerhouse and his Brother returned a 9lb Brownie on the same day. Alan Henderson the second, (we have two) also caught a large Carp out of Old Hall lake, recorded at 15lbs.  And Richard Parnell recorded an 8lb Brownie.  We have placed a new architectural skeleton tree beside the log cabin.  We hope you like it.  You will also find a large unsitely pile of pure sand heaped on the grass temporarily.  This is for a planned beach in front of the decking.  However we cannot start this project untill the water is cold.  We had to make use of the hard ground conditions to get the sand lorry on site, so bear with us please until the project is finished.  We hope you will like it. 

19th July -  We have a heat wave.  Paul (Birdie) Smith caught sight of a Perigan Falcon, two Oyster Catchers, two Yellow Hammers and a Barn Owl, but only one fish.  Our flock of Tufted Ducks are proliferating with several batches of ducklings bobbing about, and the adolecent Barnacle Geese are practising their new flying skills.  Mid day fishing is not good at the moment with the water temperature so high.  Early Mornings and late evenings are best.  Sadly we have lost several big specimens recently, with large brownies especially vulnerable when returned exausted after a long fight.  If you find yourself in big fish situation, please try to release without taking them out of water if at all possible.

3rd July - It has been quiet here this month with inclement weather often making fishing difficult.  We have the air pump running in Frog Hall lake which is newly restocked along with the reservoir.  Wildlife is prolific, especially the big dragon flies.  Blue Damsels have not reached their peak yet but are daily increasing in numbers now.  Midges have been very active on the surface and sedges are also prolific. Active Tench are disclouring Old Hall Lake, making it the preferred option for anglers on bright sunny days, whilst Frog Hall and Reservoir water is gin clear. Biggest fish this month was a 10lb Rainbow from the Reservoir, returned by Preston Childershouse.

5th June - We have a new barn owl.  Seen coursing Frog Hall meadow this evening.  Newly stocked fish settling in nicely.

27th May - This week one of our swans misjudged his flightpath and crash landed into the chainlink fencing at the back of Old Hall Lake.  Unable to climb the fence or take off, due to the very deep ditch and steep banks, he sat beside the fence with ruffled feathers until Steve Coote found him and raised the alarm. Swan rescue is not for the faint hearted but armed with a large duvet Jack managed to bundle him up and lift him over the fence.  He shook himself,  waddled back into the water and swam away. His mate however had deserted him overnight and flown off down to the reservoir, but returned the next day and they are now reunited.  Sadly our Barn Owl was found dead on the farm, cause of death unknown.  Let us hope his hunting territory is discovered by another one soon.  May began with a match between members of the Guild of Fly Dressers, during which Charlie Ratchford recorded a 10.5lb Rainbow.  Anyone interested in joining the Guild should take a look at the poster they have pinned up in the log cabin.  They would welcome new members at their meetings which we believe takes place in Mildenhall.  The record book is once more full of big fish returns.  After the swan rescue, Steve Coote went on to return a 15lb Brownie, surely the biggest yet recorded here. Roger Rackham  recorded 2 Brownies on the same day at 12lb and 8lb each. And 6lb fish were recorded by Derek Elliston, David Graham, Jack Rosentall, Paul Emmerson and Steven Bacon.  We shall be restocking on 3rd June.

Charity match competitors

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Steve Lambert & Steve Coote present our cheque

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 23rd April -Today's Charity match was a resounding success, enjoyed by everyone taking part.  24 anglers fished both Frog Hall and Old Hall Lakes in a fairly brisk northerly wind with sunshine and occasional showers.  Peter Stearne was the overall winner with 21 points and 14 fish in his net, taking home our challenge Trophy and a new rod, kindly donated by Markhams tackle shop.  In 2nd place was Steve Baggott with 18 points and 12 fish netted.  The biggest fish of the day was a 10lb rainbow caught by Julian Harvey, a complete novice who had never fished before in his life, earning him a glass trophy and congratulations from all of us. We raised £1,874 for our chosen charity The East Anglian Childrens Hospice. Two representatives attended the prize giving and were presented with the money we raised.  We are very gratefull to Steve Lambert and Steve Coote for organising the event, stewarding the match and finding numerous prizes for our raffle. Steve Lambert donated one of his rods which he autioned off to the highest bidder - Julian Harvey.  No doubt we shall be seeing him back here another day. A special thankyou to Kerriges who generously sponsered the match and brought along one of their demo cars. leaving the keys in Sheila's pocket - who managed to resist the temptation to auction it off, along with Steve Lamberts fishing rod. Many thanks to all of you who have so generously donated.  

15th April - Ivan Leggett's Police Match was well attended on 16th March. He managed to win the day with a total of 13 Rainbows caught and returned. Richard Crabtree got the biggest at 8lbs, and Brian Ross returned two more at 6lbs and 5lbs each. The next day Doug Bone returned 4 big fish, ranging from 5lbs to a very nice 8lb Brown.  Paul Smith and Steve Baggott returned 2 fish each in the 5lb - 6lb bracket and so did Stuart Easey with a 5lb Rainbow and 7.5lb Brown.  Roger Rackham had a new personal best with a lovely 12lb Brownie, and Jack Briggs returned another at 10lbs. Steve Mahoney returned 3 Brownies between 3 and 5lbs in one day. Then along came young Preston Childerhouse Junior, aged 10 who, fishing for the first time in his life, caught and released a Rainbow at 5lbs and a lovely Brownie at 6lbs whilst his Father caught nothing all day! It was good to welcome back David Staff to the lakes.  He returned 3 fish in one day in the 4lb to 7lb weight range. More recently Philip Cockburn and Jack Rosentall also returned 5 and 6lb fish.  Overall this years Spring season has been the best we have ever achieved, with the Resevoir proving very popular and prolific with crystall clear water and big mature fish. Lets hope we have fair weather for our big match next week.  
11th March - We have had multiple big specimen Brownie catches recently, and much to his suprise Philllip King landed a 13lb Carp out of Old Hall Lake.  Steve Baggott returned 3 Brownies 2 x 8lbs+ and another at 3lbs. Charlie Ratchford returned two more at 7lb & 8lbs each, Graham Jolly 1 x 8lbs,  Roger Rackham 1 x 6lbs.  Steve Lambert is kindly donating his clear water Orvis 10' Rod to the charity match fund.  Is this his magic rod that landed him brownies at 12lbs, 10lbs and 5lbs last week?  Gary Markham from Markhams tackle shop in Ipswich is kindly donating a rod again this year.  Two swans have been visiting the lakes this week and a flock of barnacle geese are presently down at the resevoir.  David Burns brought his camera and set it up hoping to get pictures of our barn owl. Unfortunately by the time the owl arrived it was too dark for a snapshot, so David packed his camera away and began walking back to the car park when a little owl shot out of the hedge in front of him and collided mid air with the barn owl.  What a picture that would have made!
23 February - Sheila apologises for having a senior moment when publishing the wrong prices for our Jacobs lamb,  It should have been £65 for half a lamb and £130 for a whole lamb.  An extra £100 slipped in there somehow and it has now been corrected.  Poor Monty has died today after valiently trying to swim on with a badly bitten tail.   He has given much pleasure to many during his stay in frog hall lake and many of us will miss the sight of him cruising around the margins. We restocked last week and the fishing has been good for those who have braved the winter weather. Dave Warren returned two big fish at 9lbs and 7lbs, John Vincent had two more at 8lbs and 6lbs, and Steven Bacon had another brace at 7lbs and 4lbs.  Preston Childerhouse returned a lovely speciman Brown at 8lbs.  
6th February 2016 -  All three lakes were iced up for a week last month.  The fish emerged hungry.  We are sorry to report that "Monty" our large koi carp in Frog Hall lake has been mortally wounded by a predator and is not expected to recover. Our  Jacob sheep are grazing the lake site at the moment. We have a number of succulent frozen lambs available for sale, ready packed priced at  £65 for 1/2 lamb, or  £130 for a whole lamb, which takes up a complete tray in an average sized freezer. Great fishing recently - Steve Mahoney has returned 4 big specimens at 10lbs, 9lbs, 6lbs and 5lbs each.  Graham Jolly was very pleased with his 10lb Brownie from the reservoir. Roger Rackham has recorded 4 specimens, at 10lb, 8lbs and two at 6lbs each. Des Newcombe had a 10.5lb brownie, Peter Stearne a 9lb brown, and Steve Lambert had two at 10lbs and 8lbs respectively.  Well done everone.  
8th January - Restocked all three lakes today, with considerable difficulty due to very wet ground conditions.  We had to ferry fish to the reservoir in buckets on the quad bike trailer. Ivan Leggett returned for a day on his own, and released a 5lb Brown, and two Rainbows at 6lb and 7lbs each.  David Graham caught the same 8lb Brownie twice within 20 minutes, recognising it by a slightly damaged left eye. Steve Lambert has done it again recording an 8lb Rainbow and 10lb brown, and Trevor Palmer released another 8lb brown. Steve Mahoney released a 7lb Brown and today Charlie Ratchford achieved a personal best with a 9.5lb Brownie.  
12 December -  10 Rods attended the police match on a beautiful sunny day when the fish were active.  Bryan Ross recorded 10 rainbows returned and several other competitors were not far behind.  Thanks to Ivan Leggett for organising a very pleasant day for everyone.  Charlie Ratchford has recorded a 9lb Rainbow.Simon Smith & Stuart Easey both released 6lb fish,and Paul Smith released 5 Brownies 2 of which were 6lbs. Next years season tickets are available now at £180 for 12 visits, and £360 for 25 visits.  The day ticket price will rise to £25 on 1st January.  With the choice now of three lakes we hope you all feel the new prices are good value for money.  We shall be netting Old Hall Lake for Tench in January. If any of you know a course fishing club who would like to stock Tench please let us know.   We wish you all a merry Christmas and Happy new year.  
29th November  -  Superb fishing throughout this month. The record book shows Steve Lambert returned 5 large fish in 2 days - 7lb & 5lb RBs and 3 x Brownies at 10lb and 2 more at 8lbs each. Stuart Easy had 3 rainbows at 8lbs, 5lbs and 4lbs.  Bob Lummis returned 3 Rainbows all between 3 and 6.5lbs.  Mr Larby, John Hopson, Jack Briggs, Tony Eagling and John Vincent all recorded returned fish in the 4lb to 6lb weight range.  A herd pf 12 Deer including a stag were spotted heading off towards the reservoir.  Numerous bats roost in the crevises of the log cabin, and if you stand on the decking at dusk you will be surrounded by them.  The sheep have done a good job of grazing down the reservoir. They escaped this morning so we shall be moving them on to pastures new next week. The Barn Owl has been sighted regularly but the Egret has departed.   
 31st October -  Sorry for the delayed update, we have had computer problems.  Congratulations to Raymond Crisp for returning a 12lb plus Brownie to the reservoir, as also did David Graham plus another at 5lbs. Steve Lambert only managed a 10lb Brownie this month, whilst Paul Smith, Stuart Easy and Stephen Nichols all  returned fish at around 8lb - 9lbs. Finally, Paul Emmerson returned three fish at 6lbs, 5lbs and 4lbs respectivly.  Last weeks restock seams to have activated the resident big fish.  We have turned out a few sheep in the resevoir margins to graze around the margins, which have become a bit overgrown.  They are fenced in with electric fencing so be careful when you step over it.  The Fox & Goose at Fressingfield asked us to supply 10lbs of rainbow trout for their Waveney Food Festival menu.  Paul Maulden caught them for us and the chef arrived to collect them just as Paul had hooked the last one. We have home grown frozen and packed lamb for sale, avaible in half or whole lamb packs.  Ring Sheila if you are interested.   
25th September - We restocked today.  The fish are a lot more active in the cooler temperatures and the catch rates have been much better lately.  Traffic access to the reservoir is becoming difficult now that we have had rain.  We will open the grass track when it is dry enough for you to drive, but otherwise a dead tree branch will block vehicular access and you will have to walk.  The reservoir water is gin clear and has produced the best catches lately so it is well worth the effort.  Frog Hall Lake has a new resident novelty fish called Monty.  He is for your enjoyment, not your frying pan so please try to avoid catching him - he is a family pet!  There have been several Tench hooked in Old Hall lake.  We shall be netting them out when the weather is cold enough. Their foraging on the bottem  has coloured the water all summer, but it is beginning to clear now. The tree on Frog Hall island is going to be felled as soon as the leaves have dropped.  The barn owl has been absent lately.  If you spot him please let us know.  

4th August -  So far the fish are coping well with the hot summer temperatures, we have an air pipe in Frog Hall.  Down at the reservoir the fish spend the hot days in the depths so you need a long line to reach them. An Egret has adopted the new reed bed and is to be seen there most days.  A family of barnacle geese now think they own Frog Hall, and a kingfisher has been seen there recently. The reservoir landscaping is now complete and all the surroundings are green with a grass and wild flower mix which is growing on well.  Early mornings and late evening fishing is best and a number of good catches have been achieved whilst anglers who come at mid day catch a good sun tan. We shall be restocking again as soon as the weather cools down, and in the meantime harvesting is in full swing.  

23rd May - Roger Rackham got a suprise when he netted a 8lb4oz Tench this week from Frog Hall lake. Raymond Crisp netted two more from Old Hall and all three were returned in good condition.  David Kelly returned a 9lb Brown, Steve Baggott returned Brownies at 8lbs and 3lbs, and Preston Childerhouse returned another at 7lbs. Meanwhile,  Steve Lambert confessed to falling in.  That will teach him not to tangle with our 12lb Brownies!!  The evening rises have been exceptionally good this week in all three lakes.  Mid day fishing is becoming slow.

Roger Rackham's 8lb4oz Tench

Image description

Caught in Frog Hall lake on 21/05/2015

30th April - A photo of one of our big Brownies has been put in the centre page spread of the latest edition of "Trout Fisherman" magazine and we have been awarded the title of Fishery of the month.  Peter Cockwill and his photographer visited our lakes at the beginning of March on a cold and windy day intent on finding our specimen Brown Trout. We are glad he succeeded. 
23rd April -  It is with great sadness we have to record the death of Brian Walpole, Husband of Sheila, Father of Jack and Alice.  We would like to thank the many who have expressed concern and good wishes during his long illness.  The fishery will be closed for the funeral day on Friday 8th May. 

19th April - Yesterdays Charity Match took place under blue sky with a keen Easterly wind.  28 Rods took part and the winner was Mark Williamson who landed a 7.5lb fish to take the Sue Elliston Memorial challenge cup.  Peter Stearn was runner up.  We are very pleased to say that £1,347.00 was raised for our chosen charity the Tree Tops Childrens Hospice. Many thanks to all those who supported us and donated cash and raffle prizes.  Steve Lambert auctioned a 4 piece Diawa Rod  which raised £60.  He and Steve Coote have put in a lot of work to make the day a success, and Mrs Lambert  kindly baked cakes and cookies for our enjoyment. During the lunch break we were all treated to a spey casting master class given by Mike Smith who made it all look so easy and effortless. Many thanks Mike.       We also hosted a Police match earlier in the week, during which Adam Osbourne caught a 7lb fish. Other recent notable catches were a 9lb Brown caught by Steve Baggott, an 8lb Rainbow caught by Mr. J. Newby,  7lb Browns were caught by David Marcowiecz  and William Plumber, and 2 x 6lb Browns by Paul McIlwaine.  

23rd March - Bas and Scott Clauson both recorded 10lb brownies this week, and Rob Turrel recorded two more in one day.  Pip Mills released another at 8lbs, and so did Toby Allerton.  Well done everyone.  

16th March - David Staff tempted this 9lb 8oz brownie out from under the bushes in Frog Hall lake today, using a gold ribbed hares ear. Whilst this was going on Jack was netting Old Hall lake again and recovered large numbers of large and small tench which have now been removed for sale.  The netting was done at the East (shallow) end of the lake, and with so many small tench in the net it is clear the tench have been breeding for quite a while, and our trout have been predatating on the tench tiddlers and fry. 

David Staff with his 9lb 8oz Brownie

Image description

From Frog Hall Lake on 16 March 2015

9th March - This morning we netted Old Hall Lake and removed 100lbs weight in Tench for dispatch to a course fishery in the midlands.  We also removed a number of specimen Rainbows and Browns in the 10lb to 12lb weight range and put them in both Frog Hall lake and the new Resevoir.  Thus all three lakes now have a better balance of fish of all sizes.  When recording your catches it would be helpful if you would enter in the book, which lake you caught your specimen fish from.  Throughout February the following multiple catches were recorded on the same day:  Steve Lambert 10lb RB plus 6lb and 4lb Browns.  Peter Stearne two Browns at 9lbs and 4lbs, James Elby a 7lb Brown plus two Rainbows at 5lbs each. Ivan Leggett returned a 9lb Brown, Trevor Palmer 7lb Rainbow, and 6lb fish were recorded by Ray Parry, Dennis Hawes, and Mike Sarrent. Four Buzzards were seen circling together over lakes, and Greylag geese are returning to Old Hall Lake.The mud has now dried and access to the resevoir can now be made by car, weather permitting.

24th January - Icy conditions continue.  Roger Rackham successfully did a spot of eskimo fishing through a hole in the ice at Old Hall Lake. Steve Lambert is on the sick list with a shoulder injury - too many fights with 10lb fish perhaps?  Get well soon Steve.  Paul Emmerson returned two Brownies at 9lb and 7lbs, and Paul McAlwaine had another Brown at 8lbs.  The reservoir is fishing well but mud around the margins is becoming unpleasant.  Sheila forgot to turn off the water supply stopcock  on a frosty night, so now we have a leak in the toilet hut.  Sorry for the inconvenience, we will get it fixed ASAP.

17th January -  The new stock in Frog Hall Lake have settled in nicely.  Paul Emmerson fished it this morning taking his bag limit and achieving a personal best having returned a specimen rainbow estimated at 5/6lbs. Doug Bone returned  2 fish at 5.5lbs and 6.5lbs each. Most unusually Steve Lambert managed a blank day, but kept the log fire burning bright!! It has been quiet since the new year with the weather only producing a few days of pleasant conditions.  The sheep are still in the meadows - we shall be moving them off soon.  David Burns is trying to get a good photo of our barn owl, who is not co-operating at the moment.  Watch this space...

2nd January 2015 -  Frog Hall was iced up for a couple of days but Old Hall and the reservoir remained clear.  Steve Lambert excelled himself returning 4 specimen Rainbows ranging between 12lbs - 6lbs, plus a 4lb Brown.  Andrew Vincent, Dennis Hawes, Paul Stowe, and Ray Parry fished together on the same day and totalled 6 specimen fish with Ray taking top spot with a 9.75lb Rainbow.  Des Sparrow returned another at 5lbs.  Well done everyone.  Our prices have changed and the details can be found on our terms page.  A day ticket up £1 to £24, a half season ticket for 12 visits is now £175, and a full season ticket is £350 for 25 visits.  We added chalk to our waters this week so you may find white patches around the margins.  We wish you all a happy and healthy new year.  

20th December -  A personal best for Phillip Cockburn returning a 10 Brownie and a 10lb Rainbow for Roger Rackham.  Ivan Leggett organised another Christmas match for the  suffolk police, during which  the sun shone brightly all day.  None the less David Markowiecz returned a 6lb Brown and another at 4lbs.  David Dyball also caught a 5lb Rainbow. Preston Childerhouse continues his run of luck with a 5.5lb Rainbow and another brownie of the same size.  Danny Drain also caught a 6lb Rainbow.  The fish all look in superb condition and Old Hall Lake is clearer than it has been all year.  We have placed an order for restocking Frog Hall lake, and the fish should be arriving on 6th January.  There is now a good stock of water fleas and other mini beasts and the plant life is making a steady recovery. The swans have disapeared again but occasionally drop in for a visit.  The Barn owl continues to roost in the cabin porch.  We have put a small flock of Jacobs sheep in the fishery meadows, so please be vigilent about closing the gates behind you, as they do like to escape to pastures new. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and tight lines in the New Year.  

7th December -  Numerous big fish have been recorded from Old Hall Lake, with several anglers achiving their personal best.  On 2 consequtive visits were - Steve Lambert recording 10lbs, 8lbs, 7lb and 2 x 6lbs fish.  Ray Parry also fished twice, recording 2x9lbs, 3x7lbs, and 4 more at 6lbs each.  Preston Childerhouse, 2x 9lbs, 2x7lbs and a further 2 more at around 5lbs. George Salins managed to net his 9lb rainbow, but not untill it had broken his rod!   David Graham, Dave Markowiecz, Robin Keighly and Mike Betts all recorded  catches in the 6lb to 7lb weight range.  The reservoir has been fishing well with most people catchine their bag limits. The water is gin clear down there but it is getting a bit muddy around the margins, so bring wellies with you.  Two swans arrived this evening, and the barn owl continues to roost in the log cabin porch.  Frog Hall remains unstocked at present.

13th November - We consulted the environment agency about Frog Hall Lake. They tested the water and found it to be pure and well oxegenated.  There are now small areas of water cress growing in the margins.  The lake floor remains in a state of decay with very little evidence of insect activity. If any of you would like to fish there for a while please do as we are anxious to know how many fish remain.  But we will not be restocking it untill the plant and insect life improves.  Old Hall and the reservoir continue to fish well.  Today, David Graham released two Rainbows at 11lbs and 6lbs and another 6lb Brownie.Preston Childerhouse recorded a 7lb Rainbow and David Markoviewc recorded a brownie at 4lbs.  This evening Sheila saw two barn owls hunting the water meadows in tandem. - Pressumably a parent and chick under instruction.  

4th November - The Barn owl has taken to roosting on the cabin outside light fitting.  This morning he left 3 pelletts and several droppings scattered around the cabin door and the light fitting is flagging under his weight.  The cabin is also home to  a number of bats that take flight as it gets dark.  Old Hall lake is clearer now than it has been for a long time, and the resevoir is still gin clear and fishing well. The grass track to the reservoir is still open for traffic on dry days.  Roger Rackham returned a 10.5lb Brownie, Ray Parry returned another at 9lbs, and Raymond Crisp  returned a 7lb Brown all from Old Hall Lake.  Andy Wright had a 10lb Rainbow and James Elbey had another at 6.5lbs, with two more 6lb Rainbows caught by Richard Crabtree. This evening Stuart Easey caught another 6lb Rainbow.  All fish were successfully returned.  Frog Hall remains closed and will not be restocked untill water conditions improve. 

18th October -  The pumps are off and the kettle back on.  Frog Hall remains closed as we have not restocked it yet.  The fish are looking better now that the cooler weather has arrived. Old Hall and the reservoir are recently restocked and good catches have been recorded.  Charlie Ratchford returned a 12.5lb Rainbow, David Graham a 9lb Brown, Preston Childerhouse and Steve Lambert both returned 8lb Brownies. Down at the recently restocked reservoir Gary returned a 6lb fish and everyone has achieved their bag limits.  Unfortunately at the beginning of the month the Police Match had returned disappointing results - probably Sheila's fault for not restocking earlier. Apologies to those concerned.The Barn Owl is back after a recent absence and the geese have gone.

2nd October -  The free beer didn't last long!  The reservoir has been fishing well. David Staff reported being snapped off by a fish he estimated at around 6lbs.  He was using a 4lb line.  Its nice to welcome Derek Elliston back with us - he recorded a 5lb brown from Old Hall Lake   We had to put our air pumps into Frog Hall Lake as the fish were showing signs of distress.  Oxygen levels have now improved but we have closed Frog Hall temporarily to give the fish time to recover. We will keep you informed as soon as we open it again.  We apologise, but the kettle remains switched off whilst the pumps are on.  We have a new car park for the reservoir anglers whilst it is dry.  But when the autumn rains arrive it will be 4x4s only and we shall have to ask you to walk there when the track becomes wet and muddy.   Don't forget to take a landing net with you before you set off.

9th September - Apologies for absence, due to harvest etc.  All three lakes were restocked last week and fishing well.  This weekend we had a party in the log cabin, to celebrate Jacks 40th Birthday.  There is a box of beer left over, and you are all invited to help yourselves whilst stocks last. We are still running air and water pumps in Old Hall Lake, and untill they are switched off we request the kettle remains switched off as the excess power usage blows the fuse box.  We have marked out a car park down at the new reservoir as one or two people have got stuck in the soft ground.  We will keep the grass access track open untill the weather turns wet, after which we regret, you will have to walk if you want to fish the new lake. 

16th July - All three lakes were restocked today.  Early mornings and after sunset are the best fishing times at the moment, with the mid day period sending the the fish deeper on bright clear days.  Ron Clarke achieved his personal best with a 6lb Rainbow and an estimated 8/9lb Brownie. Steve Baggot returned an 8lb Brown, and David Graham fished over two consecutive days returning Brownies at 5lbs, 7lbs and 8lbs.  The barn owl has been active and is reported to be feeding 3 chicks in a nearby owl box.

Our New Resevoir

Image description

Opened June 2014

26th June - Those that have already fished the new reservoir are reporting hard fighting hungry stockies, that are easier to catch than those in our other two lakes. John Haigh is an early riser, and was fishing Old Hall lake on Tuesday morning by 4.00am when he achieved his personal best with five specimen fish, Brownies at12.5lb and 11lb and Rainbows at 10lbs, 5lbs and 4lbs, all before breakfast!  Roger Rackham also returned a 10lb brown and a 6lb Rainbow this week.  Last week he also caught 5 tench out of Old Hall,  2 of which were 5lbs.  

10th June -  Restocked today.  Fishing is best in the evenings and early mornings. We have opened the new reservoir which is now stocked with Rainbows and Browns.  Usual terms apply, a six fish ticket, three to catch, three to release. Access is past the existing car park and follow the grass track as far as the new reed bed which is still under construction.  Walk up the slope with the ditch on your left and the reservoir will come into view ahead.  The site is newly planted with a wild flower and grass mix, so please keep to the reservoir margins untill the growth is established particularly when ground conditions are wet.  6lb Tench were caught by John Haigh and Mike Bloomfield this week.  Barry Coman released an 11lb Brown, and Dough Bone released 10lb and 6lb Rainbows. 


31st May -  Changeable weather brought unpredictable fishing.  Some days were blank and some produced full bags.  Roger Rackham lost a monster at the net.  Stuart Easy safely returned a 9lb Brownie to Old Hall Lake, but sadly another 9lb brownie was removed dead from Frog Hall last week, cause of death unknown.   Michael Thorndyke caught a nice big Tench out of Frog Hall, and Ray Parry and Chris Marquese both returned 5lb Brownies.  The barn owl is currently roosting overnight on our light fitting above the log cabin door.  The cookoo was at the lakes this evening.  The tufted ducks have all got young but the predators are taking a heavy toll.  Steve Byard turned up this evening to relax and chill out after a long day at the hospital where his wife presented him with twins.  They weighed in at 5lbs each.  Congratulations Steve and Liz.

18th May - After a recent restock, most people are catching their bag limits despite the sunshine and warmer waters.  Big fish included Steve Lambert and Dave Warren, both returning 10lb Rainbows, Roger Rackham returned a 7lb Rainbow and a 6lb Tench!  And Chris Duncan, a 6lb Brown and a 4.5 Rainbow.  We welcome the newcomers who have recently discovered our lakes, and hope you enjoy them. A generous sponsor has donated a further £50 to our charity match appeal, bringing the total raised to £422 for the childrens hospice.  It has been suggested we make it an annual event.  Let Sheila know your opinion and whether you would like to take part. We are very sorry to report the recent death of Sue Elliston, who was a stalwart fly fisher, despite her illness and disabilities,  braving all weathers to fish here every week when we first opened in May 2008 until her disabilities overwhelmed her. An oyster catcher was seen this week, and a little owl is nesting in Frog Hall wood. The swans returned for a brief visit but have disappeared again now.


Charity Match competators
Image description
3rd May 2014
Alan Hardy receiving his prize
Image description
A rod, reel and line kindly donated by Gary Markham
Bailiff Sheila and Steve Lambert
Image description
presenting £372 to Treetops Childrens Hospice


4th May - Near perfect weather conditions for our charity match yesterday, if a little chilly early in the morning. Big fish were caught and released, but on this occassion, size didn't matter, it was numbers of fish that won points.  Overall winner was Alan Hardy and his prize was a new rod reel and line kindly presented by Gary Markham of Markhams fishing tackle shop in Ipswich.  Many thanks to all who so generously donated cash and raffle prizes, including fishing vouchers, fly boxes,  more whiskey than you could shake a stick at and much more.    In particular, thanks to Steve Lambert and Steve Coote for their organisational skills. Cheques totalling £372 were presented to a representative of Treetops childrens hospice.    

27 April - Three anglers stand out in the record book this week each of them releasing three big fish on one day - David Graham - 11lb, 9lb and 6lbs.  Roger Rackham - 10lbs, 7lbs and 6.5lbs.  Steve Mahoney - 10lbs, 9lbs and 6lbs. The Song Thrush has returned to Frog Hall wood, and was singing his heart out this evening.  A pair of Little owls are nesting in the wood. We plan to net Old Hall Lake mid week, to remove as many Tench as we can catch.

9th April - Sheila had a close encounter with a 3 foot long grass snake this week.  And an anonomous angler got wet feet after falling off the new decking in Frog Hall!  Sadly we pulled out 3 big specimens in the region of 10-12lbs dead in the water last week. Plus a 6lb Tench.  With the water beginning to warm up, we ask that no more trophy pictures be taken as these heavy fish fight hard and long and their chances of recovery are considerably reduced by being taken out of the water.   This weeks record book shows that 8lb+ fish were released by Dave Markowiecz, Robin Keighley, Steven Kerrige and Ray Parry.  And 7lb fish by Gary Brown, Lynford Man and Paul McLlwaine.  There are still a few places available for the charity match for anyone interested.  

30th March - More big fish.  Steve Mahoney and David Graham both returned good specimens at 11lb+ with David also finding another at 6lbs on the same day.  Stuart Easey had a personal best with a 10.5lb Brownie, and Ray Parry recorded Rainbows of 10lbs and 7lbs and John Tuckwell had a 6lb Brown.  All safely returned.  The first four ducklings have hatched but had all gone missing this afternoon.  Coot attack suspected. 

25th March - Included in last weeks restock were a quantity a small brown trout around 1lb in weight.  We put them in Old Hall Lake to grow on.  A couple have already been caught and returned. It has been bright and sunny most of the week, but fish are rising early and late in the day. Big fish were caught in multiples of two or three. But Peter Stearne managed to return four - 13lbs, 10lbs 9lbs and 4lbs going home with his rod arm aching.  Steve Mahoney returned two at 12lbs and 6lbs.  Steve Baggott returned one at nearly 10lb and another at 6lb.  And Steven Cordory repeated his successs with another at 8lb as well as one at 6lbs.  John Haigh topped it off again with two at 8lbs and 5lbs plus a very nice tench out of Old Hall. Mitch Lochery got himself wound around Frog Hall Island before being snapped off by an unknown monster.  We netted Old Hall this week, and removed some very nice young tench which are available for sale. If any of you are members of a course angling club that would like to stock tench, give us a ring. 

16th March - Last years song thrush has been singing again on the warmer days. Birds sighted recently include a Snipe, Kingfisher, Chiff Chaff and English Partridge.  We restocked this week and the new fish are already showing interest. Best returns in the 10-11lb weight range were, Steve Mahoney, a personal best brownie, and John Haigh who also had a 7lb brown. Stephen Cordory and Terry Baker returned at 9lbs as did Ivan Leggett (who also had an 8lb brown). In the 7-8lb weight range were Tony Pratt, Stuart Prentice, Graham Turner and Ray Parry, as were John and Richard Slaughter who kindly sent us the photoes shown below. In the 5lb-6lb weight range were Roger Rackham, Dave Markiewizc, and Steven Bacon. 


John Slaughter
Image description
7.5lb Rainbow, returned 12 March 2014
Richard Slaughter
Image description
8lb Rainbow, returned 12 March 2014


7 March - Yesterdays police match was well attended and the weather was good.  Brian Ross was a clear winner with a 10lb rainbow and a 5lb Brownie.  David Dyball returned a 9lb rainbow, and Peter Hill came in third with a 5lb fish. Many thanks to Ivan Leggett for his organisational skills.  Steve Lambert has done it again today, this time with a 13lb Rainbow that was almost too big for our biggest net, followed by a superb 9lb Brownie. Fishing with him was Peter Stearne who also landed a 10lb fish.  Other big fish recorded since the last diary entry were 10lb Brownie returned by Trevor Palmer. Stuart Easey recorded 3 fish at 8lbs, 5lbs and 4lbs. Dennis Hawes used a black tadpole to secure an 8lb fish, but was snapped off by a monster at the far end of Old Hall Lake. Dennis Cooper recorded 2 Brownies at 7lbs and Steven Bacon had another.  Barry McGrath had one at 6lbs and Mike Shaw had another at 7lbs.  A very large buzzard like bird was observed circling at high altitude today.  And at last the mud is beginning to dry up!

25th February - The new road down to the lakes has now been completed. The new carpark is down at the gates. It will hold around 6 cars and any further traffic is asked to park on the adjacent grass, (currently still covered with top soil, but we are working on it).  The old car park is going to be returned to agriculture. The improvement in the weather has transformed the lakesite.  The mud is drying and ground conditions are much improved.  Many of you will celebrate the removal of the small willow tree on Frog Hall island.  It has snagged its last line.  The following big fish were recorded this month.  10 - 12lbs weight range - Ivan Leggett, Charlie Ratchford and Steve Lambert.  8 - 9lbs weight range - Ray Parry, Steve Baggott, Steven Cordory and Stuart Prentice.  6 - 7lbs weight range - Preston Childerhouse, Ivan Leggett, Steve Baggott.  Well done everyone for standing up to tough weather conditions this month.   

27th January - Jack Rosentall enjoyed his personal best, landing a big fish from the front of our log cabin decking.  It went off our scales which only go up to 10lbs, but he estimated it at about 12.5lbs, returning it successfully to Frog Hall Lake. On the same day he also caught an 8lb fish deeply hooked, which sadly died, and safely returned two more at 6lbs and 4lbs.  Thanks for the picture Jack.  Steve Lambert once again recorded three returns at 11lbs, 6lbs and 5lbs. Peter Stearne and Ivan Leggett both returned fish in the 9lbs /10lb weight range and Ray Parry, Paul Stowe and John Vincent all returned fish 7lb and 8lbs. Ground conditions continue to be wet.  Large numbers of tufted ducks have been coming in at dusk to stay for the night. Not many geese at the moment. Our Jacob sheep are still grazing the meadows.


Jack Rosentall with his 12.5lb Brownie
Image description
Caught from the front of our cabin decking


14th January - Paul Smith came out top this week with two brownies of 12.5lbs and 8lbs each.  Ivan Leggett fished twice, recording two 8lb brownies and a 7lb Rainbow. And John Vincent returned two brownes at 8lbs and 6lbs each.  The sheep are trimming the grassland nicely.  Sheila fell over in the mud but managed to avoid falling in the water! Take care everyone, ground conditions are wet at the moment. 

6th January 2014 -  Tight Lines and Happy New Year to you all. Amongst the stormy days there have been one or two calm clear ones producing good catches.  Josh Canning estimated his big fish at 9/10lbs. Paul Squirrell used a red blood worm to catch brownies at 8.5lbs and 6lbs.  Stuart Prentice had another at 7lbs and a 6lb Rainbow. David Graham and Preston Childerhouse both caught Rainbows at 6lbs, and James Elbey had another at 5.5lbs.  Water levels have risen, but neither lake is yet overflowing.  The barn owl is hunting on site most days.  The short eared owl has not been seen for a while. 

27th December 2013 -  13 Jacob sheep are now grazing the fishery meadows.  We apologise for the inconvenient hurdle gates and temporary fencing, to keep them off the narrow pathways during these wet ground conditions. If you feel unable to climb over them, please remember to close them and secure them firmly behind you.  Fishing is still available in all areas.   Steve Lambert had a personal best day today. Four Brownies at 12lbs, 11lbs, 8lbs and 6lbs and also two double figure Rainbows at 11lbs and 10lbs.  Ivan Leggett had an 8lb fish, and last week John Haigh recorded two Rainbows at 8lbs and a Brown at 13.6lbs. Superb fishing.

17th December  - David Burns has kindly sent us some pictures of our short eared owl.  We believe it may be carrying a transmitter.  A potential arial is clearly attached trailing behind, or maybe it is carrying debris after being tangled up. Thankyou David. We have increased our day ticket price by £1 to £23 as from January 2014.  Our next season ticket prices are posted on our terms page.  Merry Christmas to you all.


Short eared owl December 2013
Image description
Image description
12th December -  Apologies to David Graham for our failure to record his record breaking catches on 13th November.  Not just a 10lb Brown but a 9lb rainbow as well!  A smaller turnout than usual for our police match this week with Richard Crabtree recording two rainbows at 4lbs and 3lbs.  - Topped by 6lb Brownies by Ray Parry and Tim Thorndyke (definately not policemen).  The short eared owl has been seen hunting again today, and the barn owl is still on site.  They appear to be compatible in each others territory.  

7th December -  A short eared owl has joined the barn owl and both were seen hunting the meadows together on the same day. His ears might be short but his wingspan is impressively large. Two chinese water deer have also been observed, outside the lakes fence line.  Water clarity is good at the moment with Old Hall lake producing many big fish.  Roly returned a 10lb+ brown, Rob Turrell a 10lb+ rainbow and Gary Brown another with an 8lb Brown as well.  Danny Drane returned another at 9lbs+, and Steve Lambert one at 8lbs.  Fishing here for the first time was Richard Slaughter who returned a 7lb rainbow and a 5lb brown.  Also on a first time visit was Mr. Bartrum who returned a 5lb brown. And James Elbey returned two fish at 5lbs and 3lbs.  Well done everyone. We are restocking on Monday morning.  

27th November -  It has been a good month with many anglers catching their personal best weights.  Top weights in the 10lb bracket went to David Scott Miller, Mick Webb and Steve Lambert, who also returned two 6lb brownies the same day.  Jack Rosentall returned a 9lb Brownie, Charles Reynolds and Dave Warren both had 8lb fish with Dave also catching a 6lb fish on the same day. Richard Crabtree returned one at 7lbs and Trevor Palmer, John Haigh Steve Manoney Mike Shaw and Andy Turner all returned fish in the 5lb to 6lb weigh range. Our Jacob sheep will be grazing the lakeside meadows shortly, so please remember to be vigilent about closing the gates behind you. Their escape committee is ever vigilent!

10th November - Stormy weather only spoilt a few days fishing, before conditions improved with very good results being recorded as follows.  9lb fish were returned by Albert Toseland, Jono Smith and Steve Lambert, who also caught 3 more on the same day in the 4lb - 7llb bracket.  Stuart Easy recorded 2 fish at 7lbs and 8lbs each. At 7lbs, Dennis Hawes caught one, whilst  Doug Bone matched that plus 2 more at 3lbs each, and Steve Mahoney also caught a 7lb plus 4 more in the 5lb to 6lb weight range. Also in the running was  Rob Turrell, Ivan Leggett, John Vincent, Raymong Crisp and John Haigh who all returned fish in the 5lb to 6lb weight range.  Specimen fish in abundance!  Our recent stock fish replacements were slightly smaller than usuall, just failing to reach an average of 1.5lbs each.  We are stoking up the wood burner as conditions get colder.   

13th October -  More good results with favourable weather and water conditions. Last week, John Haigh recorded 3 rainbows ranging between 3lbs to 9lbs. His tactic is to get up early in the morning! 10 year old Sky Samuels caught a 3lb RB under guidance from Mike Smith, - well done Sky.  Ray Parry returned 2 browns at 5lbs and 7lbs, and Pip Mills pipped Ray with 3 Brownies between 6lbs and 7lbs, but both were beaten by Dominique ? who returned a 9lb RB on the same day.  This week the top weight went to Tony Eagling who recorded a 10 Brownie. It's just getting better and better.  The recent road works in the locality have been completed and the diversions have been removed. 

1st October - Superb fishing with almost everyone enjoying good catches.  Steve Lambert recorded Brownies at 8lbs, 7lbs and 6lbs, Dave Warren with a 7lb Rainbow, John Vincent with rainbows of 4lbs and 3lbs all on the same day.  Rob Turrell returned another 8lb Rainbow and John Haigh recorded 5 Rainbows in the 3-6lb weight range, and Charles Reynolds another at 5lbs.  No particular fly preferred with most catches using randomly selected flies from their boxes!
19th September -  Robin Keighley won the the police match decisively returning an estimated 12lb Brownie and 10lb Rainbow.  Malcolm Smith and Dave Pirie made a welcome return to the lakes after a three years absence.  Staying in our guest house for a weeks holiday, they clocked up a number of big fish returns.  Stuart Easey returned a near 6lbs rainbow.  Plenty of wildfowl on the lakes, and the barn owl made a return this week after a short absence. 

10th September -  Fish very active this week with most people catching their bag limits.  Steve Lambert released an 8lb brown. Throughout August we had a lot of holiday makers trying out fly fishing for the first time. The water levels are low and we are still airiating both lakes.  With more rainfall forcast we anticipate being able to switch the pumps off soon. Two pairs of sand pipers have been observed feeding on Frog Halls newly exposed waterline. Still no sign of the swans, but 37 geese were counted yesterday, gathering for their autumn migration.

11th August - 
The recent drop in air and water temperature allowed us to restock safely and the new fish have adapted well to both lakes. The resident fish are getting their appertites back, so the chances of good catches are improving. A drowning duck was kindly rescued by Mr. Barnard who spotted it in distress.  It was completely entangled under water by a long piece of line.  The best way to avoid this happening is to wind your discarded line around your fist, cut through with a pair of scissors so that no part of the line is more than 6" long. and place all the pieces in the bin we provide in the log cabin.  Would all our beginners and inexperienced newcomers please take note. Our little tufted ducks are providing much entertainment.  Sadly one of our 10lb Brownies was found dead in Frog Hall yesterday.    

17th July - We have airators and pumps in both lakes at the moment in the current heat wave.  The fish remain in good condition.  Early mornings and evenings are the best time to catch.  The fish sink as the sun rises over the mid day period.  The biggest catch recently was a 10lb Rainbow returned safely by Alan Hutchinson. A Bitten was spotted flying over the site recently, and the barn owl is still regularly seen hunting the meadows. 

30th June -  
With so much natural food in the lakes at the moment, the fish are reluctant to take any artificial fly offered to them.  Several people have blanked this week!  The good news is that fishing our site is very pleasant at the moment with the June flowers putting on a good show.  9lb fish were returned by Dominique Woodmansy and Geoff Rosentall, who also caught another 5lb fish on the same day.  Sadly two of our big brownies were found floating dead this week, with no obvious signs of predator wounds, and a pigeon was found dead hanging in a tree with line tangled around its leg. 
17 June -  David Burns has kindly sent us a list of all the bird songs he has identified on the lakesite. 14 different species were heard in the wood behind Frog hall on one day, including goldcrest, willow warbler, blackcap, coal tit, dunnock and of course our champion song thrush who out sung them all.  Elsewhere on or over the lakes he has sighted a further 12 species, including Buzzard, kestrel and sparrowhawk, two oystercatchers, missel thrush, whitethroat, and of course our resident barn owl.  Thanks for that David. Big fish were recorded from Rob Turrell, B? Nicholls, Andy Turner, Geoff Jacquest, Ray Parry and Peter Cane, all ranging between 6-9lbs. And Graham Jolly retrieved his long lost gold watch!
28th May -  Rob Turrell is back returning 5 Brownies around 4lbs in weight and a whopper Rainbow around 14lbs.  Terry Baker, Andrew Cook and Brian Smith all returned 8lb Browns and Paul Smith and Robin Keightley returned a 7lb brown and 6lb Rainbow respectively.  Paul (birdie) Smith reported a cuckoo, Willow Warbler, Yellow Hammer and Barn Owl, plus a water vole carrying her young.  We will be restocking tomorrow. 

19th May 2013 -  50 stockies taken this week, with almost everyone coming during mid week.  Steve Mahoney had the place to himself at the weekend, returning Rainbows of 5lbs, 4lbs and 3.5lbs, plus a 5.5lb Brown. Ray Parry recorded another 8lb fish, and Steve Lambert, Dave Warren and Peter Sterne all returned fish in the 4lb to 6lb weight range. Stuart Easey did it again, with two 6lb and a 3.5lb fish.  Chris Taylor brought his Son along for his first fly fishing day. He did well, catching a tench from Old Hall lake and a nice selection of Rainbows and browns.  You can see a picture of the tench at the bottom of this text.  We have netted the lake several times during the winter and removed for sale all the tench we caught.  This one obviously slipped the net. 

Spring 2013 -  Excellent results recorded by many anglers. Ivan Leggett, Josh Canning and Peter Cane have all sent us pictures   You can view them by scrolling down to the bottom of this text. Late March was still brutally cold with the wind in the East. Stalwort fishermen were rewarded with good catches in tough conditions.
Winter 2013 - Tight lines to you all for the coming new year.  Snow and ice through out January intermittently, improving by the end of the month. Many big fish returned

Autumn 2012 We have begun work on two new reservoirs and a reed bed at the far end of Old Hall lake. Big Harry was hooked by Rob Turrell, but escaped. Big fish in abundance throughout the Autumn. Four barnowls were reported hunting the meadows. Ice on the lakes in December. 
Summer 2012 -  A long cold spell followed by a sweltering heat wave, during which we had to close our catch and release lake for a week as the fish were showing signs of stress.  An unusually cold and windy June made fishing difficult. However, 173 stock fish have been taken since we last reported.  

Spring 2012 -  The big fish have just kept coming. 6 were recorded as over 10lbs in weight, with another 5 in the 8lb to 9lb weight range.  The water level has at last recovered to normal after the long drought.   

Winter 2011 -  Superb fishing throughout the winter with water levels low.  The coldest night recorded was minus 10 degrees in February, when we were iced up for a while.    

Autumn 2011 -  The biggest fish was a Rainbow which James Hunt estimated at around 15lbs.  We lit the log fire for the first time in the hut.  We restocked with some new little Brown trout, to grow on over winter in both lakes.      

Summer 2011 –  Our open day this year was held in May. And in June we had a regatta and hog roast. August we hosted a youngster’s day, with Mike Smith and his team instructing.  Big Harry was seen regularly but remains uncaught. The biggest fish released was a 9.5lb Brown.

Spring 2011 -  We are pleased to announce the completion of improvements to our log cabin.  It now has a kitchen sink, tea and coffee making facilities, a new shingle tiled roof and a log burning stove for thawing out cold hands!   114 anglers visited the fishery during the month of March. Altogether 30 fish were recorded as returned in the 5lb to 10lb weight range during March and April. 

Winter 2010/11  -   We were iced up on both lakes for 5 weeks in December.  14 year old Timothy Slaughter returned a 10lb Rainbow.  25 other specimen fish in the 4lb to 10lb weight range were recorded as released.  

Autumn 2010 - Big fish highlights include an 8.5lb Rainbow, a 9.5lb Brownie three more around 8lbs each.     

Summer 2010 -  Big Harry was rumoured to have been hooked and snapped off again in Frog Hall lake.  Exceptional low water levels recorded due to virtually no rainfall.

Spring 2010- Electricity and water supply are being connected to our log cabin so that our visitors can make fresh tea and coffee.   Separate toilet facilities have now been constructed.  Our Brown trout continue to grow with regular returns reported in the 5lb to 6lb estimate.  Big Harry Rainbow was 16lbs when last weighed. He has snapped off everyone who has hooked him! 

Winter 2010 -  Winter anglers who have braved the ice and snow have been rewarded by good catches of larger fish at deeper levels. Many have been taken from holes in surrounding ice, where the bigger fish are patrolling.  Most anglers have caught their bag limits over the winter months.


Autumn 2009- During the months of September and October 2009, 445 Rainbows were taken by 156 anglers.  Mr. David Graham holds the top weight record with a 12lb 10oz specimen Rainbow which he landed on 28th October. 



A Tench caught from Frog Hall Lake
Image description
16 May 2013


Ivan Leggett with his 11.5lb specimen
Image description
Winter 2013



Josh Canning with his 12lb specimen
Image description
Winter 2013



Peter Cane with his 12.5lb specimen
Image description
Winter 2013


Tim Slaughter with his 11lb2oz Brownie
Image description

Returned unharmed on 25th October 2011

Rob Turrel in Old Hall Lake margin

Image description
caught on 21st September 2011

Timothy Slaughter with his 10lb Rainbow
Image description
Safely returned to Old Hall Lake on 24 February 2011

Mike Kirk with his 7lb Brownie
Image description
Caught and Released on 24th February 2011

Stuart Malone with his 10.5lb Rainbow
Image description

Returned to Old Hall Lake on 15th February 2011

Image description

Michael Thorndyke with his 4lb8oz Brownie

Image description

Colin Haddock with his 6lb8oz Rainbow

Image description

The Island in Frog Hall Lake