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Day Tickets

£25 to take up to 3 stock Rainbow trout plus catch & release thereafter on Old Hall Lake and Crabtree Reservoir.

Season Ticket - expires on 31st December 2021

£225 for 12 visits - Take 2 stock Rainbows per visit plus catch and release thereafter on Old Hall Lake and Crabtree Reservoir.
All Brown trout to be caught and released.

Fishery Rules

  • 1. Please pre-book all fishing by txt or call before arriving, with the bailiff on 07500 703389.
  • 2. Barbless hooks or pinched barb only to aid swift unhooking.
  • 3. All Brown trout and Rainbows over 3lb are catch and release, and must be returned. They do not form part of your bag limit.
  • 4. All catch and release trout to be unhooked in the water. Please do not remove Brown trout from water for unhooking or photography, except in cold winter conditions when a brief photo is okay.
  • 5. Please use nets provided, leave your nets and sacks in your car.

For the 2021 season we are amending our Fishery Rules slightly to make the fishing more consistent for all our visitors. Frog Hall Lake is now limited to a maximum catch of 3 Rainbow trout per day. Once you have caught 3 fish, please move to Old Hall Lake or Crabtree Reservoir to continue catch and release.

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