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Big Brownie

We are pleased to be supplied by Westacre Trout Farm who have a long-proven record of producing healthy hard fighting fish.

Stock Rainbows are introduced at 1.5 - 2.5 lbs in weight, at regular intervals through the winter and spring, which is when they will fish at their very best.

Our Brown trout and larger Rainbows are mostly grown on in our lakes, some over several seasons. Large Rainbows become long silversided fish, with huge full tails which can take your line to the backing. Once stocked the Brown trout soon become predatory and pack on weight eating stickleback and fry. The chalky clay water gives them a stunning golden colour, spotted with brown. Lures like Cats Whisker are effective in the cold of winter and when hooked fish fight hard and deep.

These Brown trout are no stewpond monsters, they are fit and wise, to catch one is a challenge that our members relish.

A changing climate with warmer summers is difficult for our fishery. We have installed aeration equipment and no longer stock fish from July to October to try to reduce pressure on our fish stocks. We may have to close some lakes in hot weather and suspend catch and release to protect our fish from stress. Please be understanding when you visit during summer. Although pleasant fishing, the trout can be sulky on warm days. An early start is good, fishing in May is even better!

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